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Eric Green, cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers may have landed himself in some hot water off the field as he is being sued for sexual assault on a transgender.

According to the suit filed, which is in the amount of $10 million, Angelina Mavilia, 38, alleges that Green forcibly sodomized her.  Green, at the time, played for the Arizona Cardinals.

Stating that they met in a casino in Scottsdale, AZ, Mavilia has made claims that Green, 27, after taking her back with him to his condo, began to assault her and after increasingly becoming angered, he warned her to not tell anyone and that it never happened.

Green has yet to be reached on the claims being placed against him.

Mavilia also has a separate claim on the city, alleging that she was dehumanized after being arrested for trespassing in a Manhattan housing complex back in October of 2008,

After being stopped by authorities, the file claims that she was told by a female officer to take off her bra and panties and then the officer proceeded to look at her genitals to verify the gender of Mavilia.

Once in Manhattan Central Booking, she claims that she was forced to strip again as ordered by a corrections officer before being place in a cell with a man.  The officer mocked her, according to the claim, and he/she stated that he/she knew that she was not actually born a man and could see the plastic surgery.