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Fredo Santana has easily been the most omnipresent GBE member in recent months. Expect his allure to only rise due to this new cut from his upcoming Trappin’ Ain’t Dead mixtape called “Jealous,” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Since dropping The Recession, rapper Young Jeezy has catapulted himself from the local trapper to the chef of the streets. Countless appearances along with the DJ Folk assisted mixtape Trappin Ain’t Dead had provided the signs showing that the Snowman may have wanted to lift the spirits of America during the financial crisis, but he’s […]

When Young Jeezy was on his rap come up, aligning himself with the fairly new DJ Drama served as a catapult for both of their careers with releases such as You Can’t Ban The Snowman and I Am The Street Dream. Another tape that the two were able to create which, coincidentally would be the […]

With rappers getting the bad deal from the long arm of the law as of late, it has been essential that these artists monitor their movements and make sure that they do not get caught up with a bad break and find themselves in a cell. While Gucci Mane sits back to serve his prison […]