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With rappers getting the bad deal from the long arm of the law as of late, it has been essential that these artists monitor their movements and make sure that they do not get caught up with a bad break and find themselves in a cell.

While Gucci Mane sits back to serve his prison sentence, Atlanta has become an open field for Young Jeezy to roam to feed the streets once again.

Dropping his own versions on tracks such as “Money to Blow” and “Say Ahh”, the Snowman has kept himself submerged in the booth as he prepared to bring his fourth album, being the third series to Thug Motivation.

Unfortunately for the rapper, he may have suffered a minor misstep as authorities are now on the lookout for Young Jeezy.  They are currently seeking the rapper stating that he is America’s Most Wanted and are offering a reward of $5 million for any information that can lead to his capture.

News reports have also stated that he has been using the streets to elude law enforcement.

With Thug Motivation103 in the process, it’s a shame that the streets may have to lose another solider and create a drought in music.

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