trash talk

When Trash Talk enters your town, the results can vary from unpredictable to truly bizarre.

After bringing a man back from the dead, it’s safe to say that would be a hard act to follow.

The talented – if controversial – band of merry west coast misfits Odd Future are set to make a splash this coming fall with a nationwide tour set to coincide with all of the many upcoming releases from the camp starting next month. After teasing a new track “Elimination Chamber” featuring Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples […]

As a sports fan, don’t you wish you saw more things like this between NBA players? Reigning NBA Rookie Of The Year, Kyrie Irving challenges Kobe Bryant to play one on one with the winner donating $50,000 to charity. After Kobe laughs it off, he obliges on-camera and then proceeds to go into some of […]