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When Trash Talk enters your town, the results can vary from unpredictable to truly bizarre. The Odd Future band ventured to Los Angeles to occupy The Well located at 1006 S Olive St. The two-day free events were sponsored by G Pen and brought out most of the OFWGKTA and plenty of fearless fans ready to wreak havoc in the venue.

Odd Future members Left Brain, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis set the tone for the hardcore quartet from Sacramento to tear down the stage. The show also brought out the always down to party Mac Miller and the interesting, if not random antics of Suge Knight as well.

Katt Williams was reportedly in the building as well. If the drugs didn’t prompt him to pull out a gun on a heckler during his show on Wednesday morning, then the atmosphere most likely scrambled his brain.

Take a look at all the pictures in the numbered gallery below. This shindig was nothing short of insane.

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