There's a high interest in street legends and icons these days. Suge feels that the culture would be interested in seeing what his life was like before, during and maybe even after his Death Row run. Truth be told, he might be right.

Vanilla Ice is being called a pathological liar by the man who claimed to be the pen behind the iconic recorded "Ice Ice Baby."


Suge Knight, the infamous former CEO of Death Row Records, is on board to have a film about his life made by signing his life rights over to filmmaker Steve Whitney and his company, TSW Films.

For those looking to commemorate that fateful night iconic rapper Tupac Shakur was shot in Las Vegas twenty-five years ago, the BMW he was riding in is now up for auction for a steep price.

The story of Suge Knight continues to unravel for the worst. He has just been served another big blow to his life which is already mired in the struggle.

The beef nobody asked for is ratcheting up. Following Eminem throwing a lyrical jab at Nick Cannon on Fat Joe’s track “Lord Above,” the mogul/rapper decided he needed to clap back and Twitter is like this ain’t it chief.

Vince Staples let the world know that Ray J is a leader within the culture and it appears he’s using his status to help up his big homie. Reports say that the singer and entrepreneur is angling for a meeting with President Donald Trump in an attempt to pardon former Death Row Records boss, Suge […]

Back in 2015, Vince Staples unveiled what was then considered a wild theory that Ray J has contributed a great deal to Hip-Hop and Black culture. With the news that Suge Knight has signed over the rights to his life story to the R&B singer and businessman, Staples’ assessment doesn’t seem as far-fetched.

Hip-Hop’s finest continues to show maturity through the wisdom they are putting into action. Snoop Dogg showed that he lead with love when he made good with his former CEO.


What a difference a few decades make.When Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight basically declared music war on New York City and Puff Daddy specifically at the ’95 Source Awards by calling out producers who were “all in the videos, all on the records,” and “dancing,” it seemed like it was going to be bad blood […]