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Snoop Dogg dropped a video for “Lavender” that has conservatives extra butthurt since it features a Donald Trump doppelganger getting assassinated. Ice-T and Treach offered up a nuanced discussion of the clip with the former saying Snoop toed the line while the latter chalked it up to art.


Don’t mess with Treach because he’ll go off — on Twitter that is. The Naughty by Nature rapper penciled in time for a Twitter rant against Kanye West earlier this week, because that’s what the new year is all about.

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Very few romantic films have been able to depict the complexity of how love can test the boundaries of family relationships than Jason’s Lyric. The film starred Allen Payne as Jason and Jada Pinkett as Lyric (hence the name) as two Black lovers from Houston, who go on to find that their bond will have […]

Members of the Hip-Hop community and law enforcement on any level have always shared a toxic relationship. Given the nature of content of what the music is built upon, it shouldn’t be expected to be any other way.


Anthony “Treach” Criss of Naughty by Nature currently has bigger issues than worrying about how many digs he can exchange with his estranged band member Vinnie.


Tomorrow (January 17), the 1992 Hip-Hop classic film Juice will be celebrating its 22nd anniversary. In support of the milestone and to capture the film’s impact on the culture, Myspace has released an oral history of the film built from the comments of those who were involved.

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The Rap life isn’t an easy one to live. On top of always fighting for your spot at the top, you have to balance your time between all the work and your loved ones at home. While the money eases the stress of the day to day family finances, many rappers have not been successful […]

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Why can’t OG rap groups ever get along? Earlier this week, Treach of Naughty By Nature fired fellow group member Vin Rock via Twitter. After comments from Vinnie and a diss track from Treach, the latter went on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Friday morning (May 10) to spill more tea about the team’s issues.

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Things just got uglier. late Monday (May 6) night, Treach announced, via Twitter, that he fired Vin Rock from Naughty By Nature. The latter eventually commented on his supposed dismissal, but now Treach has responded in kind with a diss track called “Tall Midget.”


Why must so many rap groups inevitably break up? It seems like 90’s Hip-Hop powerhouse group Naughy By Nature has broken up, sort of, at least according to one member. 


Naughty By Nature Ft. Joe – “Perfect Party” [Audio] Naughty By Nature is back making anthems for the club in 2011. I’m not sure if Treach is using autotunes on this one but R&B crooner Joe joins him on the hook for the new single, “Perfect Party.” This is the first single they’ve all been […]

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A few things you didn’t know about Naughty By Nature’s Treach… Peep More Videos Here