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The Rap life isn’t an easy one to live. On top of always fighting for your spot at the top, you have to balance your time between all the work and your loved ones at home. While the money eases the stress of the day to day family finances, many rappers have not been successful at keeping their marriages intact.

Different factors can play into the husband and wife connection. Drugs, groupies, constant traveling, ego and more have led to different couples with in Hip-Hop to separate. In the last year alone multiple rappers have been hit with divorce papers from their wives. With those filings come hefty legal fees, absurd monthly alimony payments and child custody requests.

While we wish that everyone remains happily married, sometimes you can’t evade the unavoidable. In the following pages we’ll offer you a look at Hip-Hop couples who have decided to part ways.

Let us know which break up surprised you the most in the comments section.

Photos: YouTube, Vibe, People, Total Kelis, Robin Lori, BillBoard, BET

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