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Officials in Iran has announced the release of two U.S. Navy patrol boats and the crew members after initially accusing the sailors of trespassing in Iranian waters. The 10 crew members were released unharmed and found themselves in their predicament because of a mechanical issue with one of the boats.

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Various celebrities vouching for Bill Cosby’s ensuing scandal can’t overshadow the fact that his stock is plummeting faster than Black Tuesday.

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Vice President Joe Biden has more than his political duties to contend with, this after one of his sons was kicked out of the military recently. Hunter Biden was booted from the Navy for cocaine use, just after joining the branch last year.

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Michelle J. Howard has had a lot of historical firsts in her storied Navy career. She was the first African-American woman to command a U.S. Navy ship. She was the first African-American and the first female Vice Chief for Naval Operations.

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The U.S. Navy wants its members to fully understand the dangers of bath salts, and released a strange PSA, to bring their vision to life. Opening with the Internet search “Bath salts: it’s not a fad, it’s a NIGHTMARE,” the more than six-minute video oddly details the repercussions of the synthetic drug.

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A veteran of the U.S. Navy is alleging police brutality during a visit to her friend’s home in North Carolina early Sunday (Nov. 5). Police claim that she was accosted for simply resisting arrest.


Help has arrived for the state of New Jersey. The area, where Superstorm Sandy made landfall as a tropical cyclone was battered by the storm’s harsh winds, and flooded by the ocean, prompting the Navy to send three helicopters carrier ships to help with recovery efforts, Wednesday (Oct. 31) morning.