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A veteran of the U.S. Navy is alleging police brutality during a visit to her friend’s home in North Carolina early Sunday (Nov. 5).

Police claim that she was accosted for simply resisting arrest.

Stephanie Nickerson, 25, claims that cops in Durham beat her after they showed up at her friend’s house, in response to a disturbance call. Authorities wanted to search the residence, but Nickerson informed her friend that she didn’t have to let police in, at which point things got out of hand.

“He as like put your arms behind your back, and I jerked my arm away, and said ‘No I haven’t done anything wrong,” Nickerson recalled. “Immediately after I jerked my arm back he threw me on the ground, he held me by my neck and punched me repeatedly in my face and head.”

Footage of the beating was captured on a cell phone and someone in the background can be heard telling the officers not to hit Nickerson.

Nickerson was charged with resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer, claims of which she denies. “You can hear the officer, even though he has his knee in my back and my face is in the ground, he says ‘Don’t hit me, don’t hit me.’ How am I hitting you when I’m down on the ground, pinned, beat up?”

Durham Police have yet to comment on the altercation, but are investigating the incident, as a part of standard procedure. Nickerson has filed a formal complaint with the police department, and is seeking out a lawyer.


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