Since “breaking up the band” that was the Diplomats, rapper Cam’Ron has been steadily building his own comeback and providing a platform for artist Vado. Now with the Boss Of All Bosses series out, the Harlem native is set to work on his post-Dipset compilation album with his new group The U.N. Dropping the album […]

The former leader of the Diplomatic army is teaming up with an up and coming rapper to keep Harlem in the spotlight. Cam’ron is formally announcing his new alliance with Vado as the two form a new group called the U.N. As previously reported, Vado was also featured on Cam’ron’s highly anticipated mixtape with DJ […]

“Let’s go Avatar on these n*ggas.  Biggest movie ever!” – DJ Drama Originally slated to drop January 4, DJ Drama was able to take a quick detour from making money on the road to finally drop the sequel mixtape project, Boss Of All Bosses 2, with Cam’Ron. Delivering the original Boss Of All Bosses back […]

“What happened to Gangsta Grillz 2?” There have been a lot of contenders in Hip Hop that have left listeners disappointed as they have yet to release their new material. Cam’Ron was supposed to release the sequel to his DJ Drama-assisted mixtape, Boss Of All Bosses, on January 4, but according to the camp of […]

Rapper and Co-founder of New York’s Dipset Empire, Cam’ron, is delving deeper into the world of business. He is announcing plans to start a new company called The U.N. and a subdivision, Dipset West. The two new business deals will be an expansion of Dipset which currently includes music, film and DVDs. He also divulged […]