Barack Obama does everything better than that other guy. Our Forever President shared a video of himself hitting a jumper and walking off with a diddy bop saying, "That's what I do!"


Joe Biden just dropped his plan aimed to help Black America, is good enough to please Diddy?


Y’all Russian-selected President is really off his rocker. Today (March 22), Donald Trump took to Twitter to say that he would beat up Joe Biden in a fight. 


Many people mourn through laughter. That couldn’t be more true after looking at all of these #JoeBama memes since Donald Trump was elected President.

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President Barack Obama had stern words for GOP members of the U.S. Senate after that group sent a letter to Iran’s leaders regarding the potential scrapping of a nuclear deal. Mr. Obama ripped the action in a political fashion while Vice President Joe Biden used more pointed language.

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Forget waiting for that new Kendrick Lamar album, the Commander-in-Chief is dropping bars, microphones, and Republicans in the here-and-now.

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Flanked by both President Obama and Vice President Obama, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigned from his position today, November 24, after White House insiders allege that he wasn’t bout that life to handle the looming threats that face the nation.

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Vice President Joe Biden has more than his political duties to contend with, this after one of his sons was kicked out of the military recently. Hunter Biden was booted from the Navy for cocaine use, just after joining the branch last year.

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President Obama held the last press conference of his first term Monday and addressed the debt ceiling, urging Republicans to approve an increase in the nation’s debt limit. Speaking from the East Room of the White House, Obama warned that the lack of authorization will have a catastrophic result on the nation’s economy. “It would […]


The newest Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, officially took her seat on the Supreme Court Tuesday during her investiture ceremony. Ceremony attendees packed a Washington D.C. courtroom including President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The Justice was anointed the position last month becoming the first Hispanic justice and the third woman. She took […]