vince herbert

Tamar Braxton’s estranged husband Vince Herbert is once again combating legal issues, this time away from his ongoing split from the R&B singer. The producer and music executive defaulted on a payment to Sony Music and now the company is accusing him of hiding assets in order to duck paying back an owed $4 million.

The divorce battle between estranged couple Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert is still ongoing, and now the singer and media personality is seeking immediate single status. Braxton has requested a “status only” divorce to become legally single, but there is still much more to handle on the back end.

Tamar Braxton’s ex Vince Herbert has been hit left and right with a number of issues related to his finances, including being told to vacate a rental home over failure to pay. Now, the producer is facing a $4 million tax lien and Uncle Sam wants their coins immediately.

Vince Herbert appears to be aligned deeply with the struggle, this after he was slapped with a pair of recent lawsuits. Herbert is facing suits regarding unpaid rent, which kicked off eviction procedures and for writing bounced checks.