Major media company Condé Nast filed a suit against Drake and 21 Savage over a fake Vogue cover story magazine edition.

Talley was battling a long-term illness, according to still-developing reports.

On Sunday (Jan 10), Vogue released the official cover for the February issue, after the preview was leaked the night before, that features Harris gracing the cover and fans were unimpressed after the image revealed a campaign trail dressed image of the VP with pink material haphazardly cast in the background, complete with Harris donning Converse.

Lizzo spoke to "Vogue Magazine" about what it means to embrace full-figured body types, and the first step is to do away with the commercialized "body positive" movement. "I think it’s lazy for me to just say I’m body positive at this point...I would like to be body-normative."

Yet another reason to love Megan Thee Stallion. We already know the Houston loves anime, now we know she has a soft spot in her heart for horror films and is writing her own movie.

Rihanna granted Vouge a cover story interview and it was revealed in the piece that the writer on duty didn’t prepare questions ahead of the chat. While the confessional moment drew groans of regret from journalism pros and hopefuls, the Barbadian superstar thought the move was “gangster” in her words.

As previously reported, Beyoncé covers the always humongous September issue of Vogue magazine. The feature story is delivered in Bey’s own words, so you know that it’s real. 

Beyoncé has arrived at the point of her career that anything she gets involved in will undoubtedly shift the culture forward. In September, the Houston superstar will reportedly take over Vogue magazine for that month’s issue and has hired a Black photographer to shoot the cover, a first for the publication.

You can be an industry icon and still face unfair treatment. The iconic André Leon Talley has come to grips with some hurtful slander that has followed him for years.

Serena Williams and her dominance over the tennis world is still one of the sports world’s best stories, considering the years and miles she’s put on her powerful frame. While motherhood has kept the talented athlete away from the court, a new video from a photo shoot reminded several people that she’s still very much […]

When it comes to the culture there isn’t much that Pharrell Williams has not accomplished. The music icon is featured on the newest issue of Vogue. 

Rihanna earned herself another Vogue magazine cover, and true to form the bajan beauty looks absolutely stunning. In the cover story, Rih Rih goes on the record about taking time off from music, breaking boundaries in a male dominated industry, and Beyoncé.