Washington Redskins

Cultural sensitivity (and calling out the racism jig) might be at an all-time high, thus companies far and wide are being tasked to evolve with the times. A long eye sore for the National Football League is about to be finally addressed.

Hey, HHW massive an’ crew, this one is a doozy with a lot of moving parts so we’ll take it slow. A porn star who was allegedly connected to the very boo’d up Trey Songz exposed the nature of their relationship via Twitter, and in the midst threw a Washington Professional Football Team player under […]

Now in its 18th season, satirical cartoon series South Park has always taken sharp digs at current issues in the news. Its latest target was the Washington professional football team over its team name.

Earlier today, the Washington Washington Football Team name change was made a forseeable reality when the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office found the 82-year-old logo disparaging and offensive to Native Americans.

The long battle over the name change of the NFL’s Washington Washington Football Team football team has sprung forth an interesting development. Earlier today, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled that trademarks using the team’s name have been canceled because of its offensive nature.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday (January 31) that the Washington Washington Football Team team name is supported by Native Americans. Goodell later said during his time at the podium that the controversial name should be seen as a noble gesture.

If the Washington Washington Football Team and Robert Griffin III had a 1985 DeLorean in their possession, they’d most likely try to start the 2013-2014 NFL season over again.

Calling a team the Washington Football Team” is offensive to Native Americans, period. President Barack Obama seems to agree after noting in a recent interview that the Washington Washington Football Team should think about changing their name when considering how many people are offended by its use.

Rob Parker will not be asked back to ESPN. The sports network announced today that the commentator— who questioned Washington Washington Football Team quarterback Robert Griffin III’s “blackness” because he’s in an interracial relationship—will not have his contract renewed.

An episode of ESPN’s First Take got racially awkward after reporter Rob Parker called out an NFL player for having a white fiancée. Parker pulled Washington Washington Football Team rookie Robert Griffin III’s race card all because of his significant other’s skin color. “Is he a brother, or is he a cornball brother?” Parker asked.

Sports journalist Skip Bayless has a theory as to why Washington Washington Football Team fans are more apt to support player Kirk Cousins: because he’s White. Bayless, has a reputation for not holding his tongue, and during Monday’s (Aug. 20) appearance on ESPN’s First Take  he explained that White Washington Football Team fans are rooting […]