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Now in its 18th season, satirical cartoon series South Park has always taken sharp digs at current issues in the news. Its latest target was the Washington professional football team over its team name.

Trolling like no other, Comedy Central certainly paid big bucks to get this promo ad to run during the end of the NFL contest between the Washington team and the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the clip, beloved character Cartman has taken the team name for himself, which angers the owner of the squad, Dan Snyder. Flanked by franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III and possibly coach Jay Gruden, the entire exchange is humorous as Snyder argues that he’s offended by Cartman’s use of the name. The team’s recent loss of the name trademark is what sparks the exchange in the cartoon.

Trying to capture the nuance of the clip is difficult in words, so check out the ad of South Park obliterating Snyder’s argument that the team name isn’t offensive.

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Photo: YouTube