Robert Griffin III used the slur "jigaboo" during a broadcast of ESPN's Monday Night Countdown and has since apologized.


RGIII can’t win for losing. New Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III hurt his shoulder yesterday, and he may be out anywhere from eight games to the entire season.

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Now in its 18th season, satirical cartoon series South Park has always taken sharp digs at current issues in the news. Its latest target was the Washington professional football team over its team name.


If the Washington Washington Football Team and Robert Griffin III had a 1985 DeLorean in their possession, they’d most likely try to start the 2013-2014 NFL season over again.

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Robert Griffin III was last year’s NFL rookie of the year, quickly establishing himself as one of the NFL’s premier players. Gatorade and NFL films have teamed to create a documentary, RGIII: The Will to Win, about the star quarterback, which will also feature a title track courtesy of MMG rapper Wale called “No Pain […]

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Washington Washington Football Team fans, this is not the news you wanted to hear. An MRI has revealed that rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III’s right knee has sustained partial tears of the anterior cruciate and lateral collateral ligaments.

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What was Rob Parker thinking? Yesterday, the sports columnist made headlines for essentially questioning the Blackness of Washington Washington Football Team quarterback Robert Griffin III because of his white fiancée, Rebecca Liddicoat, while on ESPN’s First Take, among other reasons. Today, the network announced that is has suspended Parker for his comments.


Sports journalist Skip Bayless has a theory as to why Washington Washington Football Team fans are more apt to support player Kirk Cousins: because he’s White. Bayless, has a reputation for not holding his tongue, and during Monday’s (Aug. 20) appearance on ESPN’s First Take  he explained that White Washington Football Team fans are rooting […]

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With the tax man constantly stressing him, Esco stays earning a check. Nas is seen kicking a rhyme that name drops Stanford QB Andrew Luck and Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III in an ESPN promo for today’s NFL draft. Nas also performs on Gary Clark, Jr’s “Bright Lights,” which is serving as the draft’s […]