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Robert Griffin III was the target of criticism earlier this week after using a racial slur while discussing Black quarterbacks, the same position he played during his time in college and the NFL. The former Heisman Trophy winner walked back the slur, stating that he intended to use another term.

Robert Griffin III, 32, has transformed himself into one of the many notable football analysts across the vast ESPN ecosystem. However, on Monday Night Countdown, Griffin’s praise of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts took a wild left turn.

“People said that Jalen Hurts couldn’t get it done,” Griffin said. “He could not break from the pocket. He’s not the quarterback of the future. I think he proved all those jigaboos wrong.”

Social media caught wind of the gaffe and immediately folks began questioning how ESPN will discipline the former NFL star. Griffin, realizing the gravity of his comment, took to social media and apologized for using the slur while sharing what he actually meant to say.

“Yooooo, Definitely need to clarify this. THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT TO SAY. Was trying to say “those Bug-A-Boos” in reference to haters and doubters. Regardless of my intention, I understand the historical context of the term that came out of my mouth and I apologize,” Griffin tweeted while quoting the video showing his original gaffe.

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