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What was Rob Parker thinking? Yesterday, the sports columnist made headlines for essentially questioning the Blackness of Washington Washington Football Team quarterback Robert Griffin III because of his white fiancée, Rebecca Liddicoat, while on ESPN’s First Take, among other reasons. Today, the network announced that is has suspended Parker for his comments.

Deadspin reports that Parker has been suspended indefinitely by the network, which will be conducting a full review yesterday’s controversial, race baiting debate.

“I want to find out about him,” said Parker on First Take. “I don’t know, because I keep hearing these things. We all know he has a white fiancée. There was all this talk about he’s a Republican, which, there’s no information [about that] at all. I’m just trying to dig deeper as to why he has an issue. Because we did find out with Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods was like I’ve got black skin but don’t call me black. So people got to wondering about Tiger Woods early on.”

Stephen A. Smith take on Parker’s commentary summed up that of many who know to keep barbershop type convo in the barbershop. “Well first of all let me say this: I’m uncomfortable with where we just went,” he said.

What did RGIII say that made Parker question his African-America authenticity, whatever that means?

“I am [aware] of how race is relevant to [some fans],” Griffin III told an ESPN reporter on Wednesday. “I don’t ignore it. I try not to be defined by it, but I understand different perspectives and how people view different things. So I understand they’re excited their quarterback is an African American. I play with a lot of pride, a lot of character, a lot of heart. So I understand that, and I appreciate them for being fans.”

That was a pretty good answer. Now, Rob Parker will be the one that has to answer some questions.

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