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If the Washington Washington Football Team and Robert Griffin III had a 1985 DeLorean in their possession, they’d most likely try to start the 2013-2014 NFL season over again.

After a late post-season injury last year should have made the star quarterback’s appearance in the current season highly questionable, he battled through immense games of struggle before ultimately being benched on December 11 for the remainder of the season.

The team’s overall record has reflected the bad play on all fronts as they sit at a pathetic 3-12.

Nonetheless, professional ball clubs win and lose together and the gentle-mannered RGIII harbors no ill will towards his offensive line despite allowing him to be sacked 38 times this year (ouch!).

While enjoying his overdue rehabilitation time, RGIII surprised his entire offensive line with Christmas presents in the form of XBOX Ones during their practice.

A snarky mind would suggest the gifts were given for the squad to see just how bad Madden NFL 25 ranked them. But we’ll just say the Christmas spirit was strong with RGIII considering he still has a proper chance at a comeback.

Hit the gallery to see the Robert Claus surprise his squad. He definitely appeared to make them feel appreciated.

Photo: Twitter, Washington Washington Football Team.


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