Weed Carrier

Lesson to all professional athletes; if you are going to dabble make sure you know your dosage. One NBA player is loosing a portion of his salary for doing the most.

A rapper’s weed carrier is usually the lowest man within the entourage’s totem pole. However, given the right circumstances, it can be a life of ghetto luxury.

Either Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz or T.I. need to have a serious talk with their respective entourages. Allegedly, someone in one of the aforementioned rapper’s camps punched a female fan and broke her jaw while in Oklahoma City.

Lil Twist clearly does not take his weed carrier duties very seriously at all. The YMCMB rapper and Justin Bieber acolyte has been named in a battery report for allegedly trying to stop a woman from leaving the Beebs’ mansion.

Soulja Boy‘s homie and weed carrier is in a world of trouble. After authorities combed surveillance footage of the rapper’s Bentley due to ins involvement in a car accident, Arab (born Abrahim Mustafa) has been arrested and charged with felony hit-and-run.