As a multitude of organizations continue to mobilize it is clear the war against racism will need adequate funding. Thankfully some brands are stepping up to support the cause.


The fast food wars continue. Burger King has taken a note from IHOP’s latest re-branding and shined brilliantly on social media.


Don C went from Kanye West’s road manager to a highly in-demand designer, and he’s still a down to Earth soul brother from Chicago. In honor of March Madness, Don recently linked up with Wendy’s to create a limited edition capsule collection for the fast-food chain. 


Florida always has some explaining to do and 23-year-old Nicholas Garrison has just added to the tally of unanswered questions.

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KFC took an L when a lawsuit was filed in California after a teenager found chicken organs in his meal.


Fast food see its latest “innovation” in KFC’s newly christened Double Down Dog.


A job flipping burgers is the perfect gig for a weed head with the munchie, but this shouldn’t be part of the plan. Last a month in Georgia, a Wendy’s employee served a burger that somehow featured a partially smoked marijuana blunt inside. 


Wal-Mart workers aren’t the only ones striking over low pay, Shalonda Montgomery can now be added to that list. The single mom, working at a Wendy’s in East New York, was fired Friday (Nov. 30) for participating in a one-day protest over low pay.


A free CD offered in Wendy’s kids’ meals has been pulled after parents complained about its inappropriate lyrics. The CD features Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” which has two sets of lyrics, one where the disco queen reportedly says she’s “So Horny”, and a second set where she says she’s “So, So Bad.” Several parents complained […]

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People are clearly very serious when it comes to ordering at a fast food restaurant and making sure that they get everything they order. An employee of Wendy’s was allegedly assaulted when a woman slapped him in his face after failing to remember to include the mayonnaise and mustard with her order. The slap, apparently, […]