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Wal-Mart workers aren’t the only ones striking over low pay, Shalonda Montgomery can now be added to that list.

The single mom, working at a Wendy’s in East New York, was fired Friday (Nov. 30) for participating in a one-day protest over low pay.

“I really needed this job—I have a son to support,” Montgomery,  a 21-year-old single mom, told the New York Daily News.

Montgomery lives with her 2-year-old son, her sister, two nephews, and her mother, while struggling to make ends meat. “We deserve better than $7.25 an hour,” she said. “Sometimes I use my last $10 for a Metro Card to get to work.”

Last week, Montgomery marched with 16 coworkers outside the Brooklyn Mall where the Wendy’s is housed. “It felt really good just to be heard,” she said. One day later, she was singled-out and fired.  However a stipulation in the law, barring employers from firing workers for one-day protests over “unfair labor practices,”  and opposition from union organizers and politicians, led to Montgomery getting her job back.

Rehired by Wendy’s manager, Brian Lewis, Montgomery was warned to “follow all the rules.”

Some 200 workers from 27 restaurants, 11 of which were in Brooklyn, went on strike to bring attention to their low pay, and demand that their wages be raised to $15 an hour.


Photo: New York Daily News