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America allegedly runs on Dunkin but one city is clearly driven wild by fast food. One town did the most to ensure they weren’t a Mr. Me too.

Master P is about to add consumer packaged goods to his already impressive resume. The Hip-Hop mogul has recently announced a new venture.

President Donald Trump has pulled some amazing stunts during his time in office, and his latest act might be one of the zaniest yet. On Monday (Jan. 14), the nation’s leader invited the NCAA football champions Clemson Tigers to the White House to celebrate their win, offering a spread of good ol’ ‘Murrican fast food […]

For nearly 100 years, White Castle has been one of those fast food chains that people either love, hate, or tolerate when it’s time to feed the munchies. Wu-Tang Clan’s The RZA has teamed up with White Castle to promote its veggie burger slider in a most unique way, continuing a long-running partnership of sorts […]

For those of us who grew up in urban environments, drinking cold pickle juice in the summertime was definitely a thing but also an acquired taste. Sonic, the fast food chain known for its slush drinks, rolled out a pickle juice slush Monday (June 11) and fans on Twitter are both celebrating and criticizing the […]

The parent company of the Burger King and Tim Horton‘s food chains are in motion to purchase the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen food chain. Restaurant Brands International Inc. will pay $1.8 billion for the fried chicken staple, and the company plans to extend the southern-styled restaurant’s reach to a global audience.

Appetite For Change’s “Grow Food” clips have been going viral on social media, watch the entire video here.

Burger King has introduced quick, affordable and often weird snacks in its fast food lineup in times past, but their latest invention could either be a game changer or a major failure. The chain is set to debut next week the Mac N’ Cheetos snack, a deep-fried concoction of macaroni-and-cheese covered in a crunchy Cheetos coating.

First Ikea, and now Taco Bell is the latest company to have used horse meat in their products, in the U.K. A test conducted by Britain’s Food Standards Agency concluded that the fast food restaurant was using more than just beef and chicken in their burritos, tacos, and whatever other concoctions they offer.

Wal-Mart workers aren’t the only ones striking over low pay, Shalonda Montgomery can now be added to that list. The single mom, working at a Wendy’s in East New York, was fired Friday (Nov. 30) for participating in a one-day protest over low pay.