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Appetite For Change’s “Grow Food” clips have been going viral on social media, watch the entire video here.

Earlier this morning a brief clip of a group of adolescents began circulating online. The group could be seen rapping about eating vegetables, putting down the sweets and drinking more water. Surprisingly, the message came out dope instead kiddie corny. The clip got an extra boost when Nick Cannon  showed them some love on Instagram.

If you saw it, you probably wondered who these kids are and where they came from. The group is a part of a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization called Appetite For Change. 

According to their website:

Appetite For Change uses food as a tool to build health, wealth and social change in North Minneapolis. Our programs include community cooking workshops, urban agriculture and organized food policy efforts. We train North Minneapolis youth in urban farming, food preparation and leadership, with a focus on providing direct career pathways to the food service industry. Appetite For Change also owns and operates Breaking Bread Café & Catering – a West Broadway fast-casual restaurant serving healthy, global comfort food – and Kindred Kitchen – a shared rental commissary kitchen and food business incubator.

Their song “Grow Food” touches on just about everything they stand for and presents it in a way that other kids their age can easily understand. They observe the proliferation of fast-food restaurants in urban communities and the toll it takes on mental and physical health, even going as far to say the food kills more than the guns do.

Some of these kids aren’t even 12-years old yet and are spitting some bars that some of your favorite “Lil” rappers aren’t capable of. Check out the full video below. If you feel inspired to support their movement, you can donate some funds here.

Photo: Screenshot