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Burger King has introduced quick, affordable and often weird snacks in its fast food lineup in times past, but their latest invention could either be a game changer or a major failure. The chain is set to debut next week the Mac N’ Cheetos snack, a deep-fried concoction of macaroni-and-cheese covered in a crunchy Cheetos coating.

Burger King teased the item via Instagram on Wednesday (June 22) without giving much in the way of wordy detail. The image of the Mac N’ Cheetos serving box with a few of the items outside of it gave hopeful grubbers all the information they needed to know.

“We declare this the summer of cheesy,” said the photo’s caption along with the #MacNCheetos hashtag. According to the posting, the snack will make its official debut on June 27.

According to High Snobiety, the snack will hit you in the pockets for just $2.49 for a five-piece order of the items. Oddly enough, the Mac N’ Cheetos seems like one of those things one would find at a traveling carnival in the south but the item will only be featured across Southern California.

So if you’re willing to try out Mac N’ Cheetos, be quick about it as the chain only plan to sell the item for eight weeks.

Photo: Instagram