Police in Ohio are on the lookout for a man who aimed a gun at a Burger King employee over the price being too low.

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Kevin Ford, the Las Vegas Burger King worker, plans to spend the money to visit his grandkids and put some money up for their college funds.


While this move doesn't seem to be a permanent one, it will be going into effect for at least the next couple of months with eyes on the end of 2022 before things get back to semi-normal


The Kanye West jokes in 2018 keep coming. This time Burger King took their shots and connected every time.


The fast food wars continue. Burger King has taken a note from IHOP’s latest re-branding and shined brilliantly on social media.


When it comes to political stances big companies usually shy away from chiming in but thanks to the Trump Presidency things are changing. The flame broiling giant, Burger King decided to stick it to the Republican-controlled FCC and Ajit Pai by dropping a video hilariously explaining how the repealing of Net Neutrality would affect you with the help […]


The parent company of the Burger King and Tim Horton‘s food chains are in motion to purchase the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen food chain. Restaurant Brands International Inc. will pay $1.8 billion for the fried chicken staple, and the company plans to extend the southern-styled restaurant’s reach to a global audience.


Burger King has introduced quick, affordable and often weird snacks in its fast food lineup in times past, but their latest invention could either be a game changer or a major failure. The chain is set to debut next week the Mac N’ Cheetos snack, a deep-fried concoction of macaroni-and-cheese covered in a crunchy Cheetos coating.


An employee of a South Florida Burger King stole more than $20,000 worth of food, and $3200 in cash after being with the company for just under a month. When 54-year-old  William Simmons Sr. was arrested Monday (April 25), he told police that he stole from BK to pay off a drug debt.


Lawyers for the family of Laquan McDonald have been adamant that responding Chicago police officers deleted surveillance video footage from the nearby Burger King on the dreadful night of October 20, 2014 when he was gunned down by rogue cop, Jason Van Dyke.

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Seeing that all these fast food companies can make fun of Meek Mill at the drop of a dime, it wouldn’t be such a bad thought to see two of them actually go to war with one another. Restaurant giants McDonald’s and Burger King has engaged in silent but stiff competition for decades but the […]