“While You Were Sleeping”

As September draws to a close we experience more and more hints that Fall is near. Regardless, there are still some constants that we can count on: There were a gang of excellent Rap/Hip-Hop albums that dropped and Hip-Hop Wired will let you know what they are.  

The onset of September signifies many things. The temperature steadily drops, the sun becomes scarcer, the seasons begin to change and with it all comes a brand new wave of independent and underground Rap releases to listen to. Which means picking the next 10 independent and underground Hip-Hop/Rap releases featured on this particular edition of […]

August is already 3/4ths of the way through and before you know it t shirt and cargo shorts weather will yield to pants and pullovers weather again (Unless Kendrick Lamar can stop the seasons from changing, that is…). Before that happens, we here at Hip-Hop Wired have 20 indie & underground Hip-Hop albums from this […]

The first half of 2013 is now behind us and we have been plunged into a heatwave as the Hip-hop releases fly out at an alarming rate. There was a reason Stevie Wonder named one of his albums Hotter Than July and 33 years after the fact it still holds true. As we expected, Pusha […]

We have now officially reached the halfway point of 2013. Last week made us all relatively busy as Kanye West and J.Cole had people rushing to the store to buy their albums. This week didn’t feature a big event on the same level unless you count everyone going on and on about the TRACKLISTING of […]

June is Black Music Month, and for good reason. This is the month that Summer begins and labels rush out to have the album that defines the hottest months of the year on stores shelves once school lets out. This year, it seemed like the entire Rap music industry decided to turn June 18th into the […]

May has come to a close leaving us with the prospect of a hot summer looming over the horizon. Suddenly, we’re now halfway through showcasing the top underground Hip-Hop releases of 2013 and UOENO it.

We’re now halfway through May. A full third of 2013 is behind us and things are really beginning to heat up in more ways than one. Quality Hip-Hop is popping up with more and more frequency as the temperature rises, so we have new jawns to rock for sundress and cargo shorts season.

Hello good readers, we’ve finally reached the end of April. It’s already sundress & cargo shorts season and Rap indie albums are beginning to drop more frequently than NBA players with season ending injuries. The drawback to having so many different digital avenues available and so many indie labels releasing quality music is it becomes […]

Here we are in the third week of April, the weather has finally warmed up and so has the underground Hip-Hop album release schedule. We’re approaching the stretch where highly anticipated Rap albums are beginning to be churned out at an alarming rate and with that high frequency of work dropping, some are bound to […]

Just when we thought the Winter was over for good, Jack Frost decided to hit us with one last go ’round of snow and cold weather before finally going bravely into that good night. Over the past week, seven more notable independent releases from the likes of Blu, Durag Dynasty, Von Pea and more hit […]

It’s now March, March Madness is finally upon us and the cold, unforgiving Winter will soon give way to Spring (although it’s putting up one hell of a fight thus far). Hip-Hop releases have finally begun to be churned out in greater numbers as the year goes on. The growing frequency of quality releases means […]