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As September draws to a close we experience more and more hints that Fall is near. Regardless, there are still some constants that we can count on: There were a gang of excellent Rap/Hip-Hop albums that dropped and Hip-Hop Wired will let you know what they are.  

I’ll now showcase the next 10 independent and underground Hip-Hop/Rap releases from the second half of September on this particular edition of “While You Were Sleeping.” If you think it was tough picking 10 from the first two Tuesdays of September then multiply that by 5 and add 3 to figure out how tough it was to pick only 10 for the last three weeks of it.

“While You Were Sleeping” exists purely to showcase quality indie and underground Hip-Hop/Rap releases that are regularly overlooked, under promoted or downright ignored by most supposed “Rap” or “Hip-Hop” sites. This is mostly attributed to a lack of significant marketing and promotions monies at the disposal of these individual artists or their independent labels. In many instances much of it can just be chalked up to general lack of interest on the part of mainstream Rap sites and publications because they don’t think independent or underground Rap deserves any attention because it isn’t “relevant” to them (relevant = generates enough money for them to care about it). I combat their apathy through action. Somebody’s gotta do it and I elect myself.

How this works is I pick 10 indie/underground projects from the first half of a month and at the end of the month we post another 10 selections for a total of 20 albums a month. This installment is the second half of the 20 picked for September. This week’s post features the returns of the legendary groups The Procussions and Tanya Morgan, a debut album from Clear Soul Forces, a new album from Grayskul, DJ Skizz, Low Budget Crew’s Sean Born’s collaborative project with Dunc of DTMD, Hus Kingpin featuring Roc Marciano, Guilty Simpson’s collaborative project with Small Professor, Danny Brown’s latest effort on Fools Gold and more.

If you missed the previous nine full months of “While You Were Sleeping” (including the post you’re reading presently) you can just click here and feel free to revisit the previous WYWS installments at your own leisure. Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way? Let’s finally get down to business:

Here’s what you all may have missed, while you were sleeping…


DJ Skizz – The Brooklyn-Queens Experience (Soulspazm) 9.17.2013

DJ/producer DJ Skizz recently delivered a producer album that drew cosigns from DJ Premier and DJ Eclipse which is no small feat. All it takes is one listen to the hard beats featuring guest bars from a long list of notable MC’s like Masta Ace, Craig G, Tragedy Khadafi, Cormega, Lil’ Fame, Roc Marciano, Torae, REKS, Maffew Ragazino and more to relaize you need the album in your lives. Don’t waste money on major label imprint compilation albums *cough!* SELF MADE 3 *cough!* when you can instead cop The Brooklyn-Queens Experience from iTunes, Amazon, Fat Beats & UGHH.


Clear Soul Forces – Gold PP7’s (Fat Beats) 9.17.2013

Four man Detroit crew Clear Soul Forces (Departure EP & Detroit Revolution(s)) have built up quite a reputation for their hyper lyricism and energetic stage shows over the past few years. All of the hard work and consistency resulted in a new deal with Fat beats and Clear Soul Forces stepped up to the plate and delivered with Gold PP7’s. Production is handled by group member Ilajide, DIBA$E, NAMELESS & Illingsworth and Gold PP7’s can be acquired from these fine digital and physical music retail outlets: iTunes, Amazon, Fat BeatsSandbox Automatic & UGHH. You can even stream it on Soundcloud via Fat Beats if you want to preview it before purchasing.


Grayskul (Onry Ozzborn x JFK) – Zenith (Fake Four Inc.) 9.17.2013

Fake Four Inc. has quite a year for anyone who’s keeping track at home. Releases from Sadistik, Factor, F. Virtue and Cesci amongst others have dropped all to favorable reviews and anticipation gets higher with each release. The duo Grayskul keeps the momentum going as Fake Four builds up to it’s Fall release schedule. Production comes courtesy of Smoke M2D6, Aesop Rock, 6 Fingers, Kuddie Fresh, Taco Neck, Marcus D and more. The latest Grayskul release also boasts guest appearances from Raekwon, Aesop Rock, Soliliquists Of Sound, Snafu and Reva DeVito amongst others. Zenith can be copped from iTunes, Amazon, UGHH, Sandbox Automatic or stream & buy it directly from Fake Four Inc’s Bandcamp page.


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