In a season already being hailed as a genre-shifting moment in television, FX’s Atlanta: Robbin Season upped the ante in its last episode which starred the creepy Teddy Perkins. With most fans realizing Donald Glover played the character, it has come out that he remained in the whiteface getup during the entire filming of the […]

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Azealia Banks is never too far from stirring up the controversy pot, this time doing so with posting a photo of herself donning makeup with a “whiteface” caption on Instagram. Critics of the Harlem rapper attacked the photo, which was a behind the scenes look of a video shoot, but that inspired Banks to lash […]

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Remember when Nick Cannon dressed in whiteface to promote his album, White People Party Music and got whitewashed in his Twitter mentions?


Koreans aren’t the only ones who covet pale skin, but an ad found outside a store at New Koreatown Plaza in Flushing, Queens, NY is proposing a solution to a whiter complexion.

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Comedians and entertainers generally expect their audiences to have thick skin and when feelings get hurt, there is always a need for a reexamination of the situation. When Nick Cannon broke the Internet yesterday, March 24 on account of his whiteface alter-ego Connor Smallnut, the term “double standard” began to apply to a multitude of […]

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Nick Cannon is in full swing promoting his upcoming album, White People Party Music and he’s not sparing anyone’s feelings.


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