Xbox Live

The Doggfather lost his cool he's so famously known for when Xbox Live servers went down. The "Gin & Juice" rapper verbally abused Bill Gates, Microsoft, and EA Sports after his gaming was interrupted.

Microsoft and Sony are already promising players they are monitoring the situation closely to make sure service to XBOX Live and PlayStation Plus holds up while they both see record engagement. 

The NBA is back, and to celebrate the return of the association, Xbox is allowing gamers to play NBA 2K20 for free 99 for the weekend.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live subscription service is getting a significant upgrade according to reports. The company is rumored to launching a new service that will not only offer access to its online gaming service but will come with a console as well.

DJ Khaled is no noob when it comes to crafting beats and making hit records, but is he nice in Madden though?