Xbox Series X

It's no secret, trying to cop a PS5 right now is just as hard as copping a pair of Off-White Jordans on SNKRS. Sony is well aware of this issue and is promising more consoles are coming.

Now, this is how you pay homage to arguably one of the best films based on a video game.

Make no mistake, NBA 2K21 Next-Gen is not its predecessor, specifically when it comes to how it looks and plays on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

If you weren't able to secure an Xbox Series X through either preorder or on launch day, chances are high you won't be able to get one until sometime in 2021.

EA hopes that Madden NFL Gen 5 delivers a fresh new experience that the franchise's fans longed for.

NBA 2K21 has officially made the jump to next-gen, and now it's time to celebrate...virtually, of course.

Yesterday (Nov.11), gamers began to worry after videos of Xbox Series X consoles began to circulate on social media. Xbox has finally responded.

When it comes to PlayStation and Xbox's next-gen consoles, rapper/gamer BlocBoy JB had a very head-scratching take on who the company makes them for.

While new consoles experiencing issues shouldn't surprise anyone,  that doesn't mean problems shouldn't be any less concerning.

It's here, Microsoft's next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series S|X is here, but once again, there is a lot of crying going on.

2 Chainz is set to drop his latest album, So Help Me God, and he is taking a very unconventional route that makes total sense to preview it to fans.