The riveting 148-part Twitter story by Aziah “Zola” Wells King has been transformed into a movie.


Back in the fall of 2015, an outrageous story by a woman named Zola had Twitter enthralled. The stripper, A’Ziah “Zola” Wells, weaved an Oscar-worthy tale of sex, murder, violence and intrigue, and Backpage, that just had to get optioned into a movie, which it did.


Back in 2015 exotic dancer, Aziah Wellsrose who goes by the Twitter handle, Zola set the social media platform ablaze with her epic tale of sex, drugs, and lies that even had Ava DuVernay intrigued. The story that made her an instant internet legend about her wild weekend with a fellow friend who also was […]


When the news that actor James Franco would be directing a film adaptation of Aziah “Zola” Wells‘ sprawling Twitter saga, it immediately registered as an outsider’s cheap take. While the film Zola Tells All might be anticipated by some, Franco helming the film feels a little invasive.


Although there still appears to be a major disagreement between Zola and Jessica a.k.a. “the white bitch” on what exactly transpired in between the chain of the events that went on to form the now classic Zola Story, there is legitimate evidence that one of the main characters from the escapade was who she said […]


You’ve surely become at least passingly familiar with the epic tale weaved by stripper Zola about a trip to Tampa, Florida with a “white bitch” (Zola’s description, no misogyny) named Jessica. Mixing intrigue, prostitution, suspense, struggle and a multitude of WTF moments (and memes to match), now Jessica has come forward to say that the must-read story is mostly […]


It has been an incredible 24 hours since the infamous “Zola Story” made a tidal wave splash onto the Internet and the people are still trying to wrap their heads around it. Is it real? Was it made up? How is this stripper girl not in handcuffs for being an accessory to at least one […]

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A woman named Aziah King may have just had the most viral moment off all time after she retold an alleged tale of prostitution, pimping, panhandling and MURDER. Ladies and gentlemen, “The Zola Story.”