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It has been an incredible 24 hours since the infamous “Zola Story” made a tidal wave splash onto the Internet and the people are still trying to wrap their heads around it. Is it real? Was it made up? How is this stripper girl not in handcuffs for being an accessory to at least one crime?

While no one has the answers just yet, there has been a healthy restocking of memes thanks to the Zola Story and they are nothing short of hilarious.

If you have been snoozing, the Zola Story is still live on the Internet but we wouldn’t suggest you bank on it to stay up forever. Everyone from Ava DuVernay to Zola Jesus have chimed in and there’s even a fake Jess Twitter account getting traction. It was an instant classic.

Check out the memes down below and on the next few pages. The people are downright lowdown for likening Z to Ricky Rozay.

Photo: Twitter

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