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A woman named Aziah King may have just had the most viral moment off all time after she retold an alleged tale of prostitution, pimping, panhandling and MURDER. Ladies and gentlemen, “The Zola Story.”

Through her Twitter handle @_zolarmoon, she spilled the beans on how she met a young white stripper who convinced her to leave their hometown of Detroit for a trip to Florida to strip for bigger bucks. Afterwards, nothing goes as planned and the chain of events is the kind of sensation Hollywood pays millions to recreate.

We issue you a fair warning: once you click on this link, you won’t stop reading until the very end, so clear your schedule.

And when a beautiful mind such as Ava DuVernay can give you props (especially from another time zone), you know your imagination is A1.

Also, for those who still aren’t convince that it’s true, the Internets have confirmed a Jess sighting.

And yes, get your money Ms. Zola.

Photo: Twitter / Zola