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You’ve surely become at least passingly familiar with the epic tale weaved by stripper Zola about a trip to Tampa, Florida with a “white bitch” (Zola’s description, no misogyny) named Jessica. Mixing intrigue, prostitution, suspense, struggle and a multitude of WTF moments (and memes to match), now Jessica has come forward to say that the must-read story is mostly made up. 

We’re going to go out on the limb here and say no one really cares, though.

Reports TMZ:

Jessica tells TMZ Zola got it twisted. She cops to the stripping part, but claims Zola was the one who decided to turn to prostitution after making just $1 at the club. As for the part about the pimp killing a guy — 100% fabricated, she says.

Seriously, the story is still ill regardless, and even if it’s only 10% true, what in the name of all f*cks is your life about? Also, even the worst stripper is bringing home more than $1 from the club.

Nevertheless, Jessica is considering getting lawyers involved.

Jessica also squashes the part about her getting arrested in Vegas — saying she’s never been there –and adding she hasn’t talked to Zola since their FL adventure in March.

Lies aside … Jessica says she’s really pissed her photos spread (some including her kid) like wildfire when Zola’s story took over the Internet. She’s engaged, pregnant, and trying to put that escapade behind her — so, for now, she’s not thinking about suing. 

What is there to sue about? You took a trip to Tampa and ish went sideways, no? Mind you getting knocked out and thrown into a closet is a bad look—she looks none the worse for wear. If that really is Jessica and not a troll/imposer.

Also, returning to anonymity does not include interviews with TMZ. Just saying.

Who’re you riding with on this one, Zola or Jessica? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Twitter/Zola