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Casey Anthony Lawyers, Jurors Getting Death Threats


Death Threats Issued To Casey Anthony Camp, Jurors

The public anger over the Casey Anthony verdict has a select few people wanting to take “justice” into their own hands.

According to one of Anthony’s attorneys, the defense and jurors have received a number of death threats in the days since the trial ended.

Attorney Cheney Mason told TMZ his office had gotten “all kinds of threats” including so serious it was “turned over to law enforcement.

There are also rumors that Casey parents have been the subject of violent threats and have gone into hiding to avoid violent backlash.

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  • chazzie

    Casey’s gonna be tortured by thoughts of her daughter? RU serious………..maybe in Hell when she arrives, but not in this life! She sure looked tormented the 31 days after killing her……….Lil Caylee will be an afterthought. She didn’t even grieve in jail when they found her body. She has no emotions except for those that involve CASEY! For that reason, it WON’T be punishment enough. Whatever happens to her was brought on by her choices and justice WAS NOT DONE………..you wonder why people are out to get her and those who lied for her and failed to look at evidence! I have two words for you………….WAKE UP!

  • alphastar

    justice was not served for little caylee anthony as for as the florida judicial system is concerned but some peopple say it did i pesonly look to a higer power for justice in this life the bible says you reap what you sew and allsow says vengeance is mine sayet loard