Dude Gets Clobbered At Kid Cudi Concert

When he’s not buying futuristic Nikes or making up with his buddy Wale, Kid Cudi is performing and interacting with his fans. For some reason when Cudi is on the stage, his fans become fanatics and feel like being a part of his show.

Young Scottie has now become infamous for confrontations with audience members, but this time at his show at Temple University it was his security that intervened.

A dude jumped on stage from the side and was asked “What are you doing?” a few times by the Man on the Moon. The concertgoer wasn’t swift enough with a response and simply held up his hands as if he just wanted to get close, show love and hopefully spark a reaction from the rapper.

Instead he got an open field tackle that would have made any linebacker proud.

Check it out.




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