“I Haven’t Had Sex Since 1989” Said The Councilman To The Minor


Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker, has jumped through many hoops and over several hurdles to clean the image of one of the ugliest cities in America. Unfortunately, it seems that those residing within New Jersey’s mayoral offices like things the way they are, with all seeming to allow business to operate as usual.

In Atlantic City, a city councilman has come under fire after a DVD surfaced showing the city official participating in illicit activity.

Councilman and Minister Eugene Robinson has found himself in the center of a scandal after footage surfaced of him having sex with an underage prostitute.

“So much for his anti-smoking stance,” read the note accompanying the disc, making light of Robinson’s push to ban smoking in public while making not of the young street-walker whom was smoking on the video.

An investigation into the incident let to criminal charges being filed against Councilman John Schultz, Floyd Tally, former Council President Craig Callaway, as well as his brothers Ronald and David.

Both Callaway Brothers and Tall are currently on trial, facing charges of criminal coercion, invasion of privacy, and conspiracy.

Robinson has officially gone on record as saying that he thought that the sex was consensual, also adding that the money given to the young prostitute was meant for her to purchase soda.

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  • brooklynj

    this article is confusing and misleading: what does cory booker, the mayor of newark– a completely separate and unrelated governmental body– have to do with the city council of atlantic city? sure booker is in the spotlight these days, but seriously he has nothing to do with politics outside of his jurisdiction and the article’s sloppy journalism refers to “new jersey’s mayoral offices” like they some how relate to newark or the atlantic city city council which in actuality they don’t. (a council is a separate governmental body to the mayor).