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Three Corrections Officials Resign Over Foxy Brown


While Foxy Brown was serving her prison bid for assaulting two manicurists, rumors were swirling that the BK diva was getting preferential treatment. Brown was reported to be wearing designer clothing and allowed to conduct an interview with a magazine while incarcerated.

 Now more than a year since her release, officials at Rikers Island are resigning in connection to the allegations. Three corrections officials are giving up their positions, Carolyn Thomas, Frank Squillante and George Okada.

Thomas served as Chief of Department, Squillante was assistant chief of special operations and Okada was warden of the detention center. The three official’s resignations are effective October 31.

According to the New York Daily News, the rumors of Foxy’s luxurious prison stint are true. The BK rapper was allowed to not only do an interview behind bars; the Ill Na Na was given permission to do a photo shoot as well.  

Jailhouse photo shoots? Designer clothes?

I wonder if Officer Ricky would ever resign over her…

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  • They broke the rules

    I know they thought , being as though she was a celebrity they could give her fringe benefits. But me being a correctional officer in philly at (cfcf) can tell you that they were dead wrong, and they were gonna get fired. We are to treat every inmate as an inmate and not your friend. Once you start treating them like your friend they tried to get you to bring contraband in (drugs, ciggerettes, cell phones and knives). We had beanie sigel, peatey crack, cassidy. If you get caught giving phone numbers or anything not prison issue it’s your job. It might seem ok to give her benefits that everyone else don’t get because of her status but it’s against all rules so they quit to avoid getting fired. I see it all the time with the women c/o’s these guys make them think they love them and have them bringing in stuff and sleeping with them it’s crazy.