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Should The US Ban Talking On The Phone While Driving?

How many of you talk and text while driving?   Let’s be honest. We’re all guilty of it although we clearly know its dangerous and has caused many accidents and lives have been lost in the process.

Well federal safety investigators have had enough and are calling for Texting, emailing and chatting on a cellphone to be against the law while driving.

The plan calls for an exception to the ban only in case of emergencies and will also apply for hands free devices.

According to The Associated Press,  35 states and the District of Columbia ban texting while driving, while nine states and D.C. bar hand-held cellphone use. Thirty states ban all cellphone use for beginning drivers. But enforcement is generally not a high priority, and no states ban the use of hands-free devices for all drivers.

This is going to make a lot of people unhappy if passed but its for the greater good.

What are your thought on cell phones being banned while driving. Comment and let us know what you think.


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