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Irv Gotti Says Def Jam Doesn’t Care About Hip-Hop Culture [Video]


Irv Gotti Says Def Jam Doesn’t Care About Hip-Hop Culture


Irv Gotti is still not pleased with Def Jam Records. At the reopening of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, the Source caught up with the infamous record exec, who said, “Def jam ain’t Fawking with me, I’m too much of a ni**a.”

Last year, the Murder Inc. founder went on MTV ‘RapFix Live’ and made a case for why he should be tapped to fill the role of Def Jam’s still vacant President position. Although no such job offer has been extended, Gotti feels the legendary label keeping the spot last held by Jay-Z vacant is an affront to Hip-Hop culture.

“It’s a terrible thing because it’s so important to the culture and it’s like they’re just letting it go away,” said Gotti. “They ain’t paying no attention to it. I’m from Hollis, Queens so Def Jam was my inspiration to have Murder Inc. Just for them to have no one being President there and even after all we hoot and hollered I want it so bad, not even for the money or nothing , I just love the culture. And Def Jam is the light of the culture, so to have no one there is like the powers that be don’t care. They don’t care about my culture.”

Irv is going to have a tough time getting an interview with HR now.

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  • tcakes1980

    It doesnt matter who the President noone is trying to fix how the women in our culture are represented or just even how the culture is being represented…..Ya’ll need to be talking about something new not the stripp club or how much ya’ll ballin…….cause i’m tellin you we not all strippers or hustlers and really we tired of the way “our culture is being exploited” Hip-Hop use to be way better and even ….dare i say it way more class….. someone should take it back!

  • I regret to say however,  kingdoms have come and gone.  Let’s keep it real.
    Who is it that is “always” mighty and interdependent? There was a time when you could get away with focusing totally on petty issues and selling BS to the people. We must reflect on higher ground or perish.

  • Don

    Irv Gotti looks like he’s ready to cry because they won’t give him the Def Jam prez job!! Big cry baby!!!

  • Champhf

    o here go this guy crying again….!!!