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?uestlove Says Jay-Z Can’t Find A Single For Jay Electronica


Jay Electronica’s album has been shelved for so long, it is starting to become something of a legend…or myth, however you want to view it. But if you let ?uestlove tell it, the album does exist and Jay-Z does have it but there is a few hiccups.

“I told Jay, ‘You ain’t getting that record til 2015.’ Then he hit me and said, ‘I got the record,’ and I told him, ‘You ain’t releasing that record until 2015,'” he told The Champspodcast with Neal Brennan (Chappelle’s Show), Moshe Kasher and DJ Doggpound. “Jay, Shawn Carter, has the record and listens to it constantly and says its his favorite record of 2012. It has no singles on it though, but it’s his favorite record,” Quest explains.

Last week, Jay Electronica tweeted that the album was completed and was handing it over to his label, Roc Nation. We can all only wait with baited breath to hear the final product.

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  • Lou

    u guys convenietly skipped the part of interview where questlove mentions how hov is excited about is danny swain

  • Gotta admit, when I first heard this I was like…C’mmon JayZ.  Don’t get in the way of a good thing man.  

    But on the flip side, I know he’s looking at the business side of it and looking at gow to give it the type of appeal that will make it sell, swell.  

    If I could talk to em’ I’d be like…That’s totally understandable, afterall as the head of the label it’s ur job to ensure that everybody get paid.  

    But the flip side of it is that Jay Electronica has something very unique.  But if u force a sound that aint him on Jay El, then then he’s just spent the last seven years of his life building an unreal almost other wordly mystique for nothing.  

    So it’s all about balance man.  In one statement it boils down to this…Instead of trying to give the ppl what u think they want, give em’ what they need – Jay Electronica..raw and uncut.  Nuff said.

    • your last sentence sums it up nicely sir.

      • music industry though. politics and bullshit. what ever happened to lost tapes 2 also? and why haven’t they had these two issues on random acts of fuckery?

      • Yep true that…About sums it up.  Oh yea forgot about lost tapes ii…According to Nas it’s been finished and ready to go for a minute.  But why do I get the feeling it’ll never see the light of day… 

  • DickWitherspoon

    Singles don’t matter, just put the damn album out already. Jay Electro will be huge in the US and Japan. Damn Politics getting in the way in one of the illest lyricists, and albums of the year. Get over yourself Jay-Z and put it out.