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Stephon Marbury Wins Championship, L.A. Home Sold At Foreclosure Auction [VIDEO]


You win some, you lose some. Stephon Marbury has been busy over in China, leading his Beijing Ducks squad to a Chinese Basketball Association championship. But dropping 41 in the winning game has nothing to do with the former NBA star losing his crib out in Cali to foreclosure.

TMZ reports that Starbury owed $3.1 million on a 7 bedroom, 8,000 sq. ft. L.A. mansion. The Brooklyn native won’t take too big of a hit to his pockets since the property was auctioned off for $2.275 million. There is no excuse for not paying your bills but Stephon is a world away getting paid nicely for doing what he loves and is about to make more money thanks to that chip. You paying attention A.I.? Watch video of Starbury and the Beijing Ducks winning their first championship below.


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Photo: China Daily

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  • cmh1978

    congrats to him I am sure he is getting paid very well and will have plenty of endorsement deals over there.

  • currvalicious

    I’ve wondered what happened to him, seems like a good look for him. Pay attention AI.

  • Trivial Monsters

    When will they learn to manage their money, quite embarassing that they are put on display for how “blacks” are bad with money. Yea, it’s obvious that whites are not that good either but we can’t be concerned with them, manage your money AA’s. They can’t stand when you are above their stereotype

  • Rormdavis45

    I am glad that Stephon is doing well in China, since the Nba wanted no part of him I am quite sure the money he is making will buy many more homes if not here in the USA than perhaps in China he probably has already invested monies in China anyway so good for him.

  • NYClater

    well he seems happy there….i know he’s having fun…

  • robbybrownz

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  • Artificiallycoloredricepaper

    Knicks could use him for the playoff push

  • Artificiallycoloredricepaper

    Knicks could use him for the playoff push