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Soulja Boy Says “Scarface” 69 Times And Calls It A Song [LISTEN/DOWNLOAD]

Holy crap, my ears. Soulja Boy released a song made almost exclusively on Casio strings called “Scarface,” where he says the word Scarface 69 times. I’m serious, I counted. It’s disgusting. I don’t even know what to call this. If I had to suffer through and listen to it you do too. Now listen after the jump. 

Soulja Boy – “Scarface” [LISTEN/DOWNLOAD]


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    Okay, I now agree that he should be Bishop (2Pac) in the Juice remake, just so that they drop this jackass off a roof. Why are folks listen to this dude – smh

  • What in the hell did I just listen to? I need that 2 minutes of my life back! I feel like my IQ just dropped a couple of points just by listening to this crap! Please…please…just don’t EVER call this “rapping” or a song.

  • Iiheartwendy

    Ahhh my ears….that was horrible

  • wtfever

    I like Souljaboy, leave him alone, the kids like him and he is self made, let the man live, damn

  • cmh1978

    trash and garbage are to good  to describe this song

  • scorp


  • John Smith

    Wow he really is a walking parody of himself now. I just wonder what the sound engineer was saying when this was happening.

    • KAHorton2010

       LMMFAO! U KNOW this was recorded in a room in the house with a keyboard and a mic that u plug into the side of your laptop…..

  • drizzysboo

    lol “a whole lotta boobs in the jacuzzi” lmao!!!! gotta love this kid

  • Ella

    :-O where are his friends, managers, producers, audio tech, whoever! What the heck….?

  • My_Mind_Speaks

    This is sad…

  • Blessin216

    “that’s what happen when you start messing with that white becki!!!!!!!!

  • MadBrooke

    Just say no to drugs.

  • poke

    omg, this song should be illegal, it can cause serious anxiety, psychosis etc

  • Darkfather504

    Soulja Boy vs Lil B man this is hard for the ears

  • Cathy White84

    Every_quality_single_is_welcome_here !if_you_ interested_in_meeting_

  • bjcain3870

    LOL now this track is real wack.  But at least the young baller tried something.  It can be something if he remixes it, cut down on the “scarface” and add a baseline.  LOL it is funny though.

  • Meltz

    Instead of being chains he need to be going to college!my goodness. need to sit his lil bad a$$ down somewhere

  • koffybrown

    I didn’t even listen to it..I read the comments first..lol that sums that up.

  • koffybrown

    I didn’t even listen to it..I read the comments first..lol that sums that up.

  • Realhiphop

    Nails on a chalk board never sounded so good.