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7 Female Rap Beefs (That Didn’t Involve Lil Kim)


Try as she might to keep the focus on her music, Lil Kim just keeps getting dragged into rap beef. Sure the Queen Bee is known to clap back at just about any other female rapper who steps to her, but now that she’s older she’s trying to keep it professional.

After putting her issues with Nicki Minaj behind her and reaching out to fellow MC of the moment, Azealia Banks, the Brooklyn native found herself smack dab in the middle of a rift with the aforementioned newcomer, via Twitter. Rather than engaging in the foolery, Kim opted to keep her mouth closed until Banks tired herself out. In honor of the ever present female rap beef that has been littering your Twitter screens as of late, we here at Hip-Hop Wired decided to open up the vault to the female rap beef of yesteryear. Check out seven other rap beefs, that didn’t involve Lil Kim.



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  • Johhny

    Foxys “Massacre” was towards Lil Kim not Nicki

  • 3vynn

    Yes, correction: Brown’s dis was directed at Kim, not Nicki Minaj. Foxy supposedly dissed Nick on Gyptian’s European “Hold Yuh” remix.

    • Actually, Foxy’s lines on Hold Yuh (Remix) were towards Reggae artist Lisa Hyper.

  • Tareyahrobonson16

    Really all these female rappers need to stop n think Wat they gettin out it nuthin so fuckin immature seriously

    • Origwilz404

      Battling one another is a major part of the hiphop culture. Without it, hiphop would not be the same.

  • The Foxy Brown “Massacre” song was towards LIL KIM. Foxy likes Nicki alot. They’ve actually met and are both on great terms.

  • Edroc1975

    It’s so funny how you guys talk about these chics like you know them,like the last comment Foxy and Nicki met and they r both on great terms,lol!! People will belive anything they read. Foxy and Nicki r both haters. Queen Bee 4eva! Since most of u r so gullible here’s a beef 4 u,did u know Boy George made a diss track dissing Queen Latifah..dumb asses 

  • HipHopHead

    Roxanne shante was one of the greatest dissers of all time, she also went in on ll cool j, kurtis blow, and run DMC, also against Sparky D! And Busy B, and Also KRS ONE

    she dissed him NICELY
    saying he got a name like a wack radio station LOL

  • Sk8board – C

    Diss records are a fun and dope part of hip hop! Since we talking females though the best lyrical female diss record so far is Black Friday by Lil Kim she went hard AF that chick got bars!