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The Florida rapper fired back at recent comments by the younger rap star who took offense to comments that Khia made where she rejected being compared to some of the current female rap stars, who she said are pushing a "hoe" lifestyle.


The Thug Misses Khia has moved on from dragging Trina and now has set her sites on Lil Wayne.


Trina may have thought her apology would ease the dragging that is taking place on Twitter, but as she quickly learned--it wasn't. On Thursday (June 4) Trina took to the airwaves to apologize after calling protestors "animals" before calling for a stricter curfew. On today's episode of the Trick and Trina Morning Show, the "Nann" rapper said that her comments were taken out of context before adding that her animal comment wasn't meant towards Black people. "I apologize for some of the comments I made yesterday when I was expressing how I felt about what was going on in my community here in Miami, Florida," Trina said. "I can see why people were offended by my comments and wasn't trying to discredit anyone's actions with police so I am truly sorry for that part; but when I was calling people animals, I was talking about looters, not people who were protesting peacefully. I am Black. Why would I call Black people animals when I'm Black? That would mean I am calling myself an animal."


Trina doesn’t play when it comes to her career and after Khia suggested that the two should go head to head in a #Verzuz Battle, Trina took time to show the “My Neck, My Back” rapper who the baddest b*tch is.


Khia wants her coins and let Indian giving  Quality Control boss Pierre “Pee” Thomas he owes her some money for sampling her hit record “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)..”

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Rapper and YouTube personality Khia joined with Ts Madison to issue some harsh words towards Remy Ma & Lil' Kim over Nicki Minaj beef.

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If you’re familiar with the art of struggle, then Khia throwing shade at Janet Jackson won’t be much of a surprise. At any rate, that’s exactly what happened because the “My Neck My Back Rapper” rapper is still salty over a song they worked on hella long ago.


Suspect cultural appropriator and singer Miley Cyrus recently covered “My Neck, My Back.” So of course the song’s creator, that would be Miami rapper Khia, reacted. 

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Try as she might to keep the focus on her music, Lil Kim just keeps getting dragged into rap beef. Sure the Queen Bee is known to clap back at just about any other female rapper who steps to her, but now that she’s older she’s trying to keep it professional. After putting her issues […]