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If you’re familiar with the art of struggle, then Khia throwing shade at Janet Jackson won’t be much of a surprise. At any rate, that’s exactly what happened because the “My Neck My Back Rapper” rapper is still salty over a song they worked on hella long ago.

Khia spilled all her “tea” during a vlog live chat, from somebody’s kitchen (maybe it’s her kitchen?). The song she talking about is “So Excited” off Jackson’s 20 Y.O. album.

Apparently Khia got cut out the music video because Jackson was jealous of her. “That h*e hated cause she thought I was f*cking Jermaine [Dupri],” she says.

In case nobody caught her drift, Khia reiterated: “That h*e cut me outta all the scenes,” before pulling out a cellphone to show a BET email requesting  song clearance for an upcoming Jackson special.

Being that she’s featured, and credited as a writer on “So Excited,” the email exchange is pretty standard. But Khia takes it as proof that her career wasn’t cremated all those years ago, like we assumed.

Also, she’s still collecting publishing checks off “So Excited” so  don’t get it twisted, the Thug Misses is not bitter, or anything close: “I love the Jacksons I said I’m not mad no more,” she adds. “I’m sorry. Now I done gave that b*tch more promotion.”

More interesting than the Khia’s verbal nonsense is the fact that she’s swigging from a wine glass (again, in a kitchen) pretending that Janet Jackson needs her help.

The irony.



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