Janet Jackson rejected the Global Impact Award after CBS mistreated her after her Super Bowl performance with Justin Timberlake.

Essence Fest is back, and to celebrate, two of the biggest artists on the planet will be headlining.


So Janet Jackson's Lifetime and A&E documentary concluded last night, and if you're fan you were probably pleased with the insight. But one particular point that has people in their feelings is Jermaine Dupri admitted that him being "reckless" is what put the kabosh on their 8-year relationship.

Taking to Instagram, Janet Jackson, along with A&E and Lifetime unveiled a new three-minute trailer from episode one of the two-part docuseries, which is scheduled to begin airing on Jan. 28. Executive produced by Janet and

Two of the most iconic artists that help defined our culture are receiving historical respect on their names. Nas and Janet Jackson are officially being added to the record books.

If you haven’t bought your package to attend the 2020 Essence Festival then you need to get your life in order. The talent has been announced and it is poised to be a special vibe.

Janet Jackson is currently on the tail end of her Las Vegas residency and a father got the surprise of his life after meeting the musical legend. While backstage, the Jackson superfan got to meet the singer and entertainer and the moment was all caught on video by his son.

Janet Jackson and 50 Cent have been added to the bill of an upcoming music festival in Saudi Arabia that organizations are urging artists to avoid due to gender inequality in the nation. The Jeddah World Fest invited Nicki Minaj to the event, who pulled out because of the treatment of women, and the festival […]

For those who witnessed it in real time, the Super Bowl XXXVIII performance with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake will live due to the controversial wardrobe malfunction. Although the fact that today (Feb. 3) is Super Bowl Sunday, the hashtag #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay began trending on Twitter with fans propping up the veteran entertainer while blasting former […]

Janet Jackson has enjoyed one of the best careers across all forms of entertainment and it’s beyond time that she gets every accolade due to her while she can still appreciate it. Next year, Ms. Jackson will enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside other music legends.

Back in 2004, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake‘s infamous Super Bowl halftime performance ended with what both entertainers claimed was an accidental boob flash due to a wardrobe malfunction. According to a new report, CBS executive Les Moonves was so enraged and embarrassed that he allegedly attempted to destroy Janet Jackson’s career.

BET got this train rolling with The New Edition Story, and now they will conclude this trip with the rollercoaster ride that is Bobby Brown’s life.