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George Zimmerman High On Pills During Trayvon Martin Shooting


Media reports have been focused on the news that traces of THC were found in Trayvon Martin’s system, but the fact that George Zimmerman was on drugs on the night of the shooting seems to have slipped through the cracks. A paramedic report states that, the 28-year-old was under the influence of the prescription drug Temazepam, or Restoril, used to treat insomnia and anxiety.  Side effects of the drug include hallucinations and aggressiveness, according to News One

These new findings are among the extensive amounts of evidence that prosecutors are using to build their case against Zimmerman. More than 150 documents, combed through by special prosecutor Angela Corey, before bringing second-degree murder charges against him, have been made public in the last week. Zimmerman’s attorney, Mike O’Mara was also given copies of the evidence to help in his defense case.

Perhaps most damning of the mounds of evidence is a police report faulting Zimmerman for Martin’s death, calling the incident “avoidable,” and stating that he should have been charged with manslaughter for the shooting.

Footage of Martin purchasing items from a nearby 7-eleven on the night of his death was also released.

While witness accounts offer conflicting stories as to who was the aggressor in the altercation, police also noted that the unarmed 17-year-old was simply on his way home. “Investigation reveals that Martin was in fact running generally in the direction of where he was staying as a guest in the neighborhood,” said the report.

Following the shooting, Zimmerman was taken down to a local police station but let go after it was determined that he was not at fault for the shooting. One month later he was charged with second-degree murder, and will go to trial later this year.



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Photo: AP

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  • Nice to know Temazapam makes you high. Idiot.

  • SnapsBacula

    Hip Hop is full of aggressiveness.  It’s also full of morons. There is probably now a new market for abuse of this drug by hip hoppers who have gotten bored with bath salts.

  • Forwarded to O’Mara so Zimmerman can sue you for libel 😉

  • Play Righter

    Your article states that Zimmerman was “high on pills” during the shooting, yet your linked article says no such thing.  I can only find reports saying he was previously prescribed pills, nothing saying he was under the influence, or “high”, or even taking those pills at the time of the shooting.

    Please provide the source for these “facts”.  If this is true, it should be verifiable. 

    Thank you.

    • fran

       Check again dummy the News one article clearly states this

      • Play Righter

        Fran:  I won’t call you a dummy.  I’ll let your demonstrated reasoning skills speak for themselves.   I’ve read the News One article, and the MSNBC links, and all 183 pages of documentation.  Apparently you didn’t bother.

        Again, I will ask:  Please provide any source showing that Zimmerman was high on drugs.  The article you cite says nothing of the sort.

        Or you could just apologize for speaking way out of turn.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    nice to see them digging into the bad things the shooter  did instead of trying to find bad things on a young boy who did nothing but walk home from a store with skittles and ice tea.. this fool zimmerman was the one high.. throw him under the jail.. and he should be charged with first degree murder.

    • SnapsBacula


    • TDR25_Forever

      As well as a hate crime.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    what does hip hop have to do with this racist shooter?

    • SnapsBacula

       WOW I googled your name “J A SASSY AKA SALON22W” and had a nice laugh at the pure hate filled trail of ignorance you left behind.  I’m sure you’re proud of yourself.  You’re probably a complete sociopath.

  • Come on as a person with ADD who takes medication which by the way I take Dexedrine in the day and before bed I take Ambien that’s BS why take 
    Restoril  at 7pm at night when your about to go to the store??

  • This is the most stupid thing i have read, All Prescription Medications can have that effect it all depends on someone’s body chemistry, which is a very  rare effect and if it does happen you tell your doctor and your prescribed something new.  As 
    a person with ADD who takes medication which by the way I take Dexedrine in the day and before bed I take Ambien, it make sense to me that he took Adderall in the Morning/Afternoon and at night he takes Restoril before he goes to bed. People who have ADD/ADHD have the most horrible time getting sleep and being on Medication to help with your ADD makes getting to sleep impossible.  My question is why would he take 
    Restoril at 7pm at night when he’s about to go to the store??

    • myopinion

      FYI: I take some of the same medications used for ADHD (they no longer separate ADHD and ADD, it is one problem), but I do not have ADHD, my prescriptions are for off label use for my disease. Anyhow, I do take ambien for sleep and I would not drive or anything, it takes more time for it to kick in for me than it states. I take it about 20-30min before bed. So depending on how long, the meds could have been taken to pass the time. However, I do agree with everything else you stated.

  • James Hagen

    This is my first time on your site.  I find some interesting and to me different material  on the site.
    That being said, it is clear this site is oriented to younger black citizens.  It is good to your prospective, but let us not make this into a BLACK/WHITE?HISPANIC thing.

    No one has the facts yet and still many people prefer vigilante justice.  Use reason.  The facts will come out.  Some facts will support GZ position some facts will not.  Fellow commentors: consider all the facts not just the ones you like.

    Based on GZ 911 call.  GZ first spotted TM along a condominium road walking toward GZ from the west.   TM continued to walk east toward and passed GZ.  (at time time we don’t know if GZ was inside or outside of his truck and when TM sees GZ and starts walking fast[according to his TM girlfrield on phone])  Wind noise on GZ phone for several seconds and indicates  GZ was running after TM.  Wind noise stops, 911 operator tells GZ not to chase TM.  GM says he lost TM and  is returning to his truck.  Call ends.

    This is where at present things get fuzzy.  Did GZ trail TM?  Did TM attack GZ as he was returning to his truck? 

    One question to consider.  Why didn’t TM go to his condo?  When TM passed GM he had a clear path to his condo(last condo on south about 700 feet?) then GM tried to follow and lost him (GM 911 call).  By this time could have been watching TV with family.  He was killed in a walkway near the north end of the condos ( 600 feet?)  Once TM passed GM he was home free if he wanted to be.

    Responding to Right Player:    News One says “according to the paramedic report, the vigilante neighborhood watch captain was on the prescription drug Temazepam”

  • As someone in the medical community, even I have to say the “high on pills” part is ridiculous and very misleading.  Try sticking to truth, author.  I did look up the side effects of this drug, and yes, the side effects can be what are listed.  So that’s to be salted out at the trial, with experts.

    I don’t care if Zimmerman was clean as a whistle that night re: drugs, pills, etc.  I still hope he goes away for a really long time for his arrogance and ego in thinking he could take the law into his own hands that night.

  • Harold Thurgood

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but his medication was doctor prescribed. Tray’s was not. People are just mad because it is coming out that “Tray” is not as innocent as they would like to believe.

    • TheTruthRuth

      Advil reads as THC so Trayvon could have taken that. You only know what you read, otherwise you know nothing.

  • Harold Thurgood

    I think Zimmerman should sue the media and prosecution for portraying him as a racist murderer who only did it because he’s racist. That is defamation. I would sue the as(*^ off of them and then request they give me a one way ticket to another country and citizenship there to get away and start a new life.

  • Maggiewhite934

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    Where To Seek The  Serious Relationship.


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